8 & 9 July, 2022
Indian Dance Immersion week-end!
Odissi classical, Kalbeliya Gypsy, Bollywood, Bhangra, Garba/Dandiya, & Yoga of Dance

Take a trip to India through this exciting Indian dance immersion week-end where you will be immersed in different forms of Indian dance by master teacher Amrita Choudhury : 

- Classical Odissi Dance
- Kalbeliya Rajasthani Dance
- Bhangra Dance
- Bollywood Dance 
- Garba/Dandiya
- Yoga of Dance - Nriya Yoga

Cultural history, technique, mudras (hand gestures), dance steps, expression (eyes, neck, torso, hips) , mini choreographies, and much more in each of the dance styles will be included.

Week-end schedule:

10am - 12pm: Odissi classical Dance
1pm - 3pm: Kalbeliya Rajasthani Dance
3:3pm - 5pm: Bhangra Dance

10am - 12pm : Bollwood Dance
1pm - 3pm: Garba/Dandiya Dance
3:30pm-5pm: Yoga of Dance