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Odissi - Spirit of the temples

​Explore the beauty, lyrical, rhythmic, sculpture-like dance expressions through the ancient temple dance form of Odissi.  

Explorez la beauté, les expressions de danse lyriques, rythmiques et sculpturales à travers l'ancienne forme de danse du temple d'Odissi. 


Rhythms of India!  -  Rythmes de l'Inde (Traditional, Bollywood, Folk)


A joyous performance highlighting Indian classical, folk, gypsy, Sufi, & Bollywood dance traditions. 

Une performance joyeuse mettant en valeur les traditions indiennes classiques, folk, gitanes, Soufie, et de danse Bollywood.

The Light of Love! Rumi & Tagore

La lumière de l'amour!

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The passionate poetic expressions of Rumi & Tagore are interpreted in this moving spoken word performance. Through lyrical body gestures, intricate hand movements and passionate expressions, the poems come alive from the soul!

Les expressions poétiques passionnées de Rumi & Tagore sont interprétées dans cette performance parlée émouvante. A travers des gestes corporels lyriques, des mouvements de mains complexes et des expressions passionnées, les poèmes prennent vie de l'âme!

The Bridges of Hope! - Les ponts de l'espoir!

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​Bridges of Hope is a socio-political piece that addresses  global intolerance, war, racism, and human rights issues. This performance is call for peace, compassion & understanding within all people of the world.  

Les ponts de l'espoir est une pièce sociopolitique qui traite de l'intolérance mondiale, de la guerre, du racisme et des droits de la personne. Cette performance est appel à la paix, la compassion et la compréhension dans tous les peuples dans ce monde.

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Sophia's Resurrection - Résurrection de Sophia

Video of show      &       Video of interview

​A triumphant story of a woman's life cycle of birth, death, resurrection and transformation. A collaboration between Amrita, Norman Achneepineskum  (first nations voice & drum artist) & Mary Williamson (contemporary dance).  Inspired by true stories. 

Une histoire triomphale du cycle de vie d'une femme de la naissance, de la mort, de la résurrection et de la transformation. Une collaboration entre Amrita, Norman Achneepineskum (artiste de la voix et du tambour des Premières nations) et Mary Williamson (danse contemporaine). Inspiré par des histoires vraies.


Shakti Rising: Honoring Our Stories


A collaboration between Indigenous & Indian artists portraying a life cycle of Mother Earth & it's people through the stages of Creation, Preservation, Destruction, & Recreation/Transformation. A spiritual, political, socio-cultural story of heart, courage, resilience, & love.

A work in progress soon to be staged. 

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Kali in my Bones

Bringing back ancestral knowledge and wisdom to aid a woman through the meaning and purpose of life. Life, death and beyond death is explored in this rare powerful performance. All aspects of the dark Goddess Kali is explored in a more contemporary socio political and spiritual setting. Kali in my Bones shows the path of hope in the hopeless, shows the path to light in the darkness, from the deepest vibrations of our Bones.

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