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Sophia's Resurrection

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Sophia’s Resurrection is a compelling and powerful story about a woman’s life cycle expressed through birth, death and transformation.

Sophia’s journey begins in India, born as the unwanted “girl child” in a conservative Hindu family. Of mixed descent, her physical appearance was always an obstacle in getting ahead in life. Escaping arranged marriage, and a life of uncertainty, Sophia was packed up and sent to Canada. Sophia faced racism, violence and abuse which made her fiercely fight for her identity and her place in this world.

Sophia's Resurrection traces back the journey of an immigrant woman that faces great adversity, and through her life cycle: birth, death, resurrection and transformation, she finds her place.

Sophia, meaning “wisdom” in Greek, is about the inner wisdom and strength of the human spirit. Her story follows the trajectories that characterises the lives of many people.

Through multiple dance pieces highlighting the different stages of Sophia's life, Amrita infuses various styles of dance, music, and spoken word, to offer a passionate, heart felt performance of Sophia's resurrection.

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