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Shakti Rising - Honoring Our Stories

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Shakti Rising: Honoring our Stories by Amrita Choudhury

In collaboration with Barbara Diabo

Performance Trailer
Rehearsal Trailer 


Shakti Rising explores the cultural, political, and spiritual aspects surrounding the life cycles of two women, represented by Mother Earth. This is a unique collaboration between Indian and Indigenous dance and music. Shakti Rising is an intercultural, multi-lingual, and artistic performance that follows the story of these women and their journey in today's world. Ancestral knowledge, profound life experiences, and issues related to marginalized and Indigenous communities are highlighted by five powerful dance pieces.

We begin with "Creation", representing Shakti (the powerful creator/destroyer & recreator) of this universe which symbolizes the strong feminine energy of creation. This piece is followed by "Preservation", a piece symbolizing the story of Skywoman which represents the Indigenous aspect of the dynamic energy of creation and preservation. "Destruction" is a high-powered dance piece that offers us a portal into the trials and tribulations that marginalized and Indigenous communities face in current times. This is followed by "Recreation", a lyrical movement piece that creates hope, compassion, and a sense of belonging. The final dance piece, "Gratitude", offers hope to Mother Earth herself and guides us through the path of working together in harmony, leading to a sense of awareness, empathy, and reconciliation.


This is a profound journey through Mother Earth, a special collaboration that speaks courageously and powerfully from the heart through feminine strength and wisdom.



Amrita Dance Creations offers intercultural, multi-lingual, and cross-cultural productions in collaboration with multiple disciplines. Committed to giving voice to the voiceless and highlighting issues of marginalized communities through the medium of dance, we tell stories from the heart and express emotions through dance. Specializing in Indian classical, folk, and Indian modern dance, Amrita Choudhury aims to offer a safe space to practice, learn, and perform for the community. At the heart of these productions are the philosophies of interconnectedness, interdependence, and a sense of belonging to each other. Collaborating with various cultures and artistic disciplines, we have produced shows such as "Sophia's Resurrection", "The Bridges of Hope", "The Light of Love", and now "Shakti Rising: Honoring Our Stories". As guests on this land, we are always striving to honor and support this reality through collaborations and performances. We aim to create and present what it truly means to live in this interconnected world with respect, integrity, and love for one another. Amrita has also brought to the stage Indian Indigenous dance and music cultures (classical and folk) and their influences on the global artistic world. Amrita Dance Creations has been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, The Quebec Council for the Arts, & the Indo-Canadian Shastri Institute for its dance research and performance.

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