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Kali in my Bones / Kali dans mes Os

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Kali in my Bones is a powerful dance story linked to the ancient dance rituals of the feminine power - Shakti, from ancient India. A memory of a childhood Shakti initiation that was suppressed for over 20 years, finally returns. Life experiences and challenging situations demand that Soma, the woman, fulfill her true path in life and honor this childhood initiation.

 The intention is to create and research my ancestral knowledge of the feminine power of Kali(Shakti) related to this true story, my story, and offer this powerful and touching narrative through dance, ritual, and spoken word.

The dance story follows the journey of a woman who grows up in India and is sent to Canada to live out the rest of her life. At the tender age of 12, Soma was initiated in a special Shakti (feminine power) sacred ritual in India. The initiation ceremony was too powerful for a child's mind to integrate. Hence, this memory was suppressed for more than 20 years. In the meantime, Soma was sent to Canada to live out the rest of her life. In a foreign country, not knowing either English or French she navigated the best she could through this new and unknown culture. She experienced much as a new immigrant, and tried her utmost to integrate.

Challenging life experiences in a new country, demanding circumstances and hardships, Soma had nearly given up.  After more than 20 years of this memory being suppressed, suddenly the memory rushed back into her awareness like thrashing waves of the ocean. 
She now has been called by her ancestors to honor the sacred ceremony , the initiation ritual, and asked to start living her true  life path. 

Various  traumatic experiences of racism, abuse, isolation, were transformed into powerful insights, wisdom and love. It's a dance journey of courage, strength and power that has shaped the person she is today. Kali in this project also represents the passage from darkness to light, a great transformation through grace and power. The bones preserve the memories and rituals her body contains. The bones have retained the memory of the sacred childhood ritual, and has awakened now for her to honor the teachings. The guidance finally is realised and so is her inner power and wisdom to overcome various traumatic experiences. 

Kali is also the goddess of my ancestors who destroys the old and introduces the new. Many women invoke Kali's energy to bring them courage, wisdom, and freedom. She is also the loving divine mother, creator of the universe, who protects all as her loving children.

Kali is the primordial creative energy of this universe.

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